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If you are a talented technical blogger, writer, journalist or an expert in website building or web hosting, and would like to contribute to Hospedagenspro.com, please contact us for guest posting opportunities.

Yes, we accept guest posts!

However, there are some requirements for publishing your content. Read along to find out what type of articles we are accepting.

If you would like to become a regular contributor to Hospedagenspro.com, please contact us to apply for an author account, and mention your intention with some example of your prior publications (personal blog, other websites, etc).

You should note though, that the content you will be submitting to Hospedagenspro.com have to reach certain standards.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • Content have to be unique (copied or copyrighted content if forbidden), credits for images or other materials have to be included
  • Vontent have to be relevant, well written, grammatically correct and informative
  • The article must be at least 1,500 words (following up with the current Google guidelines, we can not accept thin content) excluding author bio (which must be up to 100 words)
  • The article should be well formatted (headlines, quotes, lists, tables, etc…), should not be a “block” of text

We also accept one-time posts, with the following conditions:

  • NO links placed for SEO purpose
  • NO promotion or self promotion content
  • NO affiliate links

Topics that we and our readers favor are:

  • Website building tutorials
  • Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento tricks & tips
  • eCommerce articles & tutorials
  • SEO, SEM, Google, Search Engines
  • Blogging, traffic generation, website monetization
  • Online marketing, conversion optimization
  • Web development and web design tutorials
  • Collection of Top 10 related products, tools, software, services

Why Should you Contribute?

Hospedagenspro.com is a rapidly growing website, receiving visitors from all over the world. You will be allowed to include an author box at the end of each article you submit, with a dofollow link to your blog or website and up to 3 social media profiles. This will help you to reach out a bigger audience as well to get more followers and readers.

This is a win-win strategy that will benefit both parties.

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