5 Best CDN Providers for WordPress in 2023

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Is your site taking much time to load, and you are losing your position on Google? Well, slow site speed issue happens for many reasons, such as bad hosting providers, not optimizing the site properly, and unwanted plugins. 

But CDN is something that can help you to make your site lightning fast without putting in any extra effort. In this post, we will introduce you to the top 5 best CDN providers for WordPress. 

Ranking on the first page depends on many factors and the fast loading speed is one of the major aspects. If your site taking more than 3 seconds to load on any browser, it means you are in trouble and you have to increase your site speed. 

CDN is the best way to give rocket speed to your site. Although there are a lot of CDN providers available in the market, it may make you confuse to choose the best one, right? 

Hospedagens Pro has tasted multiple CDNs and finally shortlisted a five. You can find them below for boosting your site speed.

How Does CDN Work & 5 Best CDN Providers for WordPress in 2021:

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, the main motive to integrate the CDN on the website is to decrease the physical location between the website’s original server and the users. 

CDN is a network that is located in multiple locations in every part of the world. And it copies your entire site data, and when a visitor comes to your site for searching for something, it automatically finds the user’s location and delivers the data from the nearest server. 

Once a user wants to find something from your site, they don’t need to travel the world to reach your website’s original server.  The process literally reduces the actual time. 

5 Best CDN Providers for WordPress in 2023

1. KeyCDN:


KeyCDN is one of the best CDN (Especially for WordPress sites), it is recommended by developers, and professionals. 

It is enabled with all the basic to advanced features that can easily improve your site speed. The best thing about KeyCDN is the integration into your site is super easy, you don’t have to be a technical expert for using it on your site. 

On top of everything, it offers you 6 continents, 25 countries, and 34 edge servers. KeyCDN enabled you for some powerful features like HTTP/2, Brotli, TLS 1.3, and many more, you can use it in your small or corporate business. 

KeyCDN helps you to enhance your webpage image performance by reducing the size and using next-gen formats. 

Features that KeyCDN provides:

  1. Affordable price and 14 days trial, no credit card required. 
  2. DDoS protection protects your site from hackers. 
  3. Enables you for Two-factor authentication.
  4. Let’s Encrypt TLS
  5. HTTP/2

2. Cloudflare CDN:

Cloudflare CDN

If you are new or running a small site, then Cloudflare could be the best option for you. Because it offers you a free plan and in the free plan, you get all the basic things like shared SSL, DoS protection, and its global CDN network of 180 data centers. 

This platform enables you to fast dynamic and static content delivery. The API feature allows you to automate workflows and you get all the control on your website’s content is cached and purged. 

The best thing according to us is it also has the “I AM UNDER ATTACK MODE” feature which displays users a security page for a couple of seconds, and calculates the traffic, and then redirects to your site. 

Setting up Cloudflare’s CDN is super easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. 

Features that Cloudflare provides:

  1. Easy to integrate. 
  2. WAF feature enabled.
  3. Accelerated mobile page load speed.
  4. One-click cache purge.
  5. Multiple plans and great tech support. 

3. BunnyCDN:


BunnyCDN also provides you the great value, because all the servers BunnyCDN use are integrated with NVMe+SSD that allows you millisecond latencies for delivering your website’s data to the user’s devices. 

Bunny CDN has 54 edge location destinations for ensuring you to give you the true value and you can you are on the up hand with their 6 continents and 36 countries networks. Apart from that, you can manage CDN with a beginner-friendly interface. 

They also allow you to use their plugin on your WordPress site, and you can use their free trial before using the premium plan. 

Using BunnyCDN makes your site more secure from hackers that is also a factor for ranking. All their servers offer you Tier 1 Global Network that removes all barricades for reliability and performance.

Features that BunnyCDN provides:

  1. Tier 1 Global Network.
  2. Allows you to monitor traffic in real-time.
  3. Let’s Encrypt SSL support.
  4. Fully support HTTP/2 and Brotli.
  5. All plans are affordable and have 14 days free trial. 

4. Amazon Cloudfront:

Amazon Cloudfront

Amazon Cloudfront is also a great option who want a complete solution for CDN because it is the most used CDN around the globe. Amazon Cloudfront CDN opens the gate for 190 PoP which is included 11 Regional, Edge locations, and more than 33 countries. 

The best thing about Cloudfront CDN is you are completely free to Pay-as-you-go, which brings it on the top among all in WordPress CDN service. 

This platform has integrated AWS (Amazon Web Service) that delivers your data at lightning speed. 

Features that Amazon Cloudfronth provides:

  1. One of the most customizable. 
  2. It is DDoS protecting your site by AWS Shield features. 
  3. Support Pay-as-you-go.
  4. AWS feature enabled. 

5. Image Kit:

Image Kit

Image Kit allows you to manage & deliver images on the web in an immensely easy way. This is basically an image management and optimization platform that provides you with image management services for your online businesses. 

Once you use this CDN service on your WordPress site, you can easily optimize your images in real-time, cropping, resizing them, and fast CDN delivery. Using this plugin in your WordPress enables you to deliver responsive images. 

They come up with multiple plans where the basic plans start from zero cost with limited features. If you need more than free plans, then you can go with a premium one. 

Features that Image Kit provides:

  1. User-friendly Interface. 
  2. Free plan available. 
  3. Great customer support. 
  4. Origin shield for stability and performance.


CDN is one of the most effective ways to make your website load fast. Using the CDN you can deliver your content to your users at a fast speed. In this post, we have covered the top CDN Providers for WordPress with features. You can choose the best CDN provider one according to your needs.

Disclosure: Our site is supported by readers. When you purchase a service or product through our links, we sometimes earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.
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