How to get backlinks for a new site without money

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In some factors, your website ranking depends on the Backlinks, and Backlinks are capable of giving a boost to your website, for a new website or the old website backlink is one of the most important rankings assets. 

So here in this post, we are going to reveal with you the top process to get backlinks for a new site without money.

One of the easy methods for getting the backlink for your website is to ask people to give you a backlink, but the sad part of this is that there are higher chances that you won’t get responses from the website owner.

Get Backlinks

So in this kind of scenario, what are the options left for the New site owner to get backlinks?

Well, there are still some ways left that allow you to create high DA, PA backlinks, and this article is all about getting backlinks for a new site without money. 

What are backlinks, & Why should you know How to get backlinks?

Well, Backlink is the process that some of your website posts get linked with the other websites, and it is happening with the permission of the other site owners if you are looking for quality backlinks. 

When your site is new so google takes time to trust your site, in this manner you can link your site with other sites and it is called backlinks. When you link your site with those, Google already trusts, it sends a good sign to google to trust your site too. 

You should be aware of this, that every site exists on the internet having a good amount of links. So it is important for you to know the right and working procedure for How To Get Backlinks For A New Site.

How to get backlinks for a new site without money:

We are sharing some of the top ways for creating backlinks for new sites without spending a penny on it. 

1. Comment on other relevant blog posts

Commenting on other’s blogpost may give a backlink. But before you go and start doing it, you should understand some basics about it. 

You can’t just land on any page and start posting comments, no it will not work. First of all, you have to find some of the relevant blogs that match your niche only. 

Because commenting on the relevant blog only will help you, go there and write something interesting that makes the author feel special. 

You should stay away from worn-out words and write a meaningful and genuine comment that could be useful for you to get a backlink.

2. Profile Creations:

Profile creation is one of the easy and free methods. You can find thousands of websites on the internet for creating a profile. 

Simply create your profile on those websites, and make sure you have written a complete bio about yourself, and keep your website URL in the about section. 

But before you start making profiles you should check the DA and PA about the website, you are thinking of creating a profile. 

For this, you can install the MOZ bar extension on your browser. Profile creation can give you a legit backlink because google trusts those sites. 

3. Guest post:

Guest posts are great ways for creating a solid backlink. In this method, you write an article for other websites. And the site owner gives a backlink to you. 

According to the experts, this is one of the effective ways to make a powerful (DoFollow) link for your site. 

But you should be aware of that, you always try to do a guest post on those sites only, which is relevant to your niche, because doing a guest post on a random site will not have a good impact on your site, and will be harmful to you. 

Generally, a high authority website doesn’t allow guest posts for free but you can give a try to those sites that are equal to yours. (In terms of DA & PA).

4. Create an infographic or original image:

Infographics are also a great way to build backlinks for newborn websites. Infographics are competitively easy to read, and that is the main reason readers prefer them. 

You can create an infographic on your site and any of the content creators share it to their site, in that scenario the content creator has to link your website. 

Or you can create an infographic for yourself and then approach relevant site owners to link your infographic to their pages, it is an authentic way for getting backlinks for free. 

5. Broken link building:

You know broken links are a genuine way for link building. In this case, you have to find broken links on other websites that were earlier linked but now not working, due to many causes. 

You simply identify those broken links and approach the owner of the website to fix the broken link to your link. 

In maximum cases, the owner of the website agrees with the condition, because the owner also doesn’t want to keep a broken link on their sites, because not only its impact the user experiences but also causes a decrease in the ranking. 

All you have to do is to write a complete article on a broken link or you can link your existing relevant article to them. 

As soon as the owner of the site replaces the earlier link with your working link you get a permanent do-follow link. 

6. Quality content:

Content Is The King. You have heard this line countless times in your blogging career, right? Well, this is not just a line that indicates the value of content. 

In fact, it is also a great way to get backlinks. If you provide quality content on your blog, you automatically will get a higher rank on the search engine, and as soon as you get the rank, other sites will automatically start linking with you. 

So content also plays a vital role. And on the flip side if your content has not any quality then the above methods also don’t work. 

So before making backlinks for your site, you should be aware of the content quality. 


Backlinks are an important factor for getting a higher ranking on the search engine. But the newborn blogger doesn’t find the right way to How To Get Backlinks For A New Site so in this article we have covered up all the important steps for making backlinks without money. 

Getting backlinks for the new site is not an easy task, they have to try different methods which we have mentioned above. 

These methods are working and proven by many SEO experts, so as a beginner you can try these methods.

Disclosure: Our site is supported by readers. When you purchase a service or product through our links, we sometimes earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.
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